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Exercise For Cancer Patients DVD
Exercise For Cancer Patients DVD

Cancer Exercise Specialist: Carol Michaels

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Exercise for Cancer Survivors

"After surgery and treatment, it is imperative to be active and participate in an exercise program. Carol’s program will help in the healing process.”

Deborah Axelrod, M.D.
NYU - Clinical Cancer Center

Director of Clinical Breast Programs and Services and Medical Director of Community Cancer Education and Outreach

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Fitness and Cancer Exercise Program

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Cancer Exercise Specialist
Cancer Exercise Program

Exercises For Cancer Survivors

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Recovery Fitness cancer exercise specialist Carol Michaels offers exercise programs for cancer survivors and cancer exercise rehabilitation DVD’s.

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We are specialists in post cancer surgery recovery and rehabilitation exercise programs.  Many people recovering from surgery want to be able to return to doing the things they enjoy.  Our cancer exercise specialists can help you.

The thought of exercising after a cancer diagnosis can seem daunting.  There are so many physical and emotional side effects of the diagnosis, surgery and treatments.  You may feel tired, achy and emotionally drained.

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Fitness and Cancer: Helping the Recovery Process

Exercise is an essential component of the cancer recovery process.   After surgery, it is important to build strength and flexibility in the chest, shoulders, abdomen, and back. Since everyone responds differently to exercise, we can create a cancer exercise program structured with your situation and needs in mind.

Studies have shown that exercise for cancer patients can:

  1. Help before and after surgery and during treatment
  2. May reduce risk of recurrence

Cancer Exercise Classes Offer Great Support

Regardless of whether you want to just exercise, return to the activities you enjoy or try new activities, it is imperative to reach a fitness level that provides you with confidence and peace of mind.

Cancer Exercise Class Locations

There are individual and small group exercise classes offered regularly in the Short Hills, NJ studio.

The following facilities are also offering the Recovery Fitness cancer exercise program:

St. Barnabas/Newark Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, NJ

Morristown Medical Center, Morristown, NJ

Connection-Pathways in Summit, NJ

The Berkeley Heights Y, NJ


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